Friday, September 16

Disappointment, recurring.

Ok, so remember this whole thing? Well, I guess I never really went into it as to why it didn't last, because, well, I didn't feel like talking about it all that much. But I've just heard that he's back together with her. You know, the other girl that he was choosing between? The other girl that he continued to bitch about while with me, pointing out all the qualities I had that she lacked and that he despised in her? Yeh, her. The one that supposedly had lost out in the choice.

I'm not jealous of her by any means, as I've got a good thing going myself right now, I'm just more or less disappointed in him. And disappointed in myself. Disappointed and frustrated that I, yet again, trusted someone and what they said. I've said it before that I trust too easily, almost to the point where I'm bordering on naive; but honestly, I don't want to stop trusting people. Yet it seems more and more things like this keep happening, and sooner or later this trust thing is going to stop happening.

Does the deceiving ever stop? Can the trust ever truly exist? I'm beginning to wonder.


the ill na na said...

Sorry about the boy. They all suck, I can promise you that. And I still feel lonely....I guess I must really enjoy the company of people who suck. What is up with all the weird spam shit that ends up in the comments section on our bloggies now? We keep getting it on ours too and I really don't like it. I mean, what about your post made some fool think about lower back pain?? Jerks. I bet you $50 that a boy posted those comments.

dammit sami said...

You can change the settings on your bloggie to screen out spam. I did, at GK's request, which is why you have to type in some fool word like "shnibit" to leave a comment. But hey, at least we're not unintentionally advertising a Viagra blog. GK actually emailed one of the spam commenters and told him, in not so many four-letter words, to knock it off. He emailed back a lecture on manners, completely with Bible quotes.
Buddy, you just barked up the wrong tree!

I'm sorry about the boy, pal. I hope the current situation works out more to your taste. I would toadally give you MY rose.
Thank sounds kind of naughty!

GangstaKnitta said...

That does sound naughty, Sami.

Undecided, I'm a little confused. "R" is not the boy we're talking about, is he? At any rate, I'm sorry. To cheer you up, I've posted my own analysis of video 1 of Tit-see. Of course, you missed me posting it FOUR times in a row because of yuengling beer. Bah.

Undecided said...

oh no, gangstaknitta...don't you worry, i didn't miss the 4-times-posted-post. man, that was great. i think you should've kept them all up. HA! good ol' yuengling!

nope, it's not the r i was talking about it, it was the C we were talking about (ask Ill Na Na, she should know). and, in fact, got an email from him today that really set me off.

seriously, they really are idiots. Please tell me this changes once you're married?

GangstaKnitta said...

I disgree with the dude. I found one that was different. The problem is expecting each ONE that lasts over two weeks of being "the one." This never ever works and I don't understand why women do it. I found mine when I quit with the crap and started expecting the worst. Wow, that just sounds like I lowered my standards to get married, which is not what happened. Basically, women look for shit that's not there because they're either scared of being alone or they think something is wrong with them because the guy they're with is perfectly nice, but not truly compatible in a way that is conducive to a long-term intimate relationship, i.e. marriage.
Bet you didn't know I got my psych degree. That's because I didn't. I'm going to shut up now. There's not even any beer around. Oh wait, here it is...TITC 2 coming soon (50 times over, no less!)

WAAAAAHHH!!! Will you tell Ill to give your email address to me and Sami puh-leeeez? She's dragging ass on it, as usual.

dammit sami said...

i have her email address. and so would you if you visited her blogger profile.

sami strikes again!

(so bored. i almost wish i had your 600 pgs of reading, GK. not really, actually that's a lie)