Monday, July 31


Well, will this hold you over until I finish it?

My decided upon future:

I know, I's not Atlanta. But I can totally make it up to you by offering you a place to stay with one fabulously cool chick in WINE COUNTRY. Where there's lots of wine. And they happen to make wine there. And you can drink lots and lots of wine. For free at most places. Did I mention the wine?

Friday, July 28

Yeah...I guess I shouldn't have lied like that, huh?

Wednesday, July 19

Hey all...

[three of you that read this]...just wanted to check in with you, let you know that I'm working on a post. Many things have come to the surface for me. I'm figuring things out. I'm making some decisions. I'm seeing a new side of me...a side that has been sleeping for a while now.

It's all pretty damn exciting. (I've enticed you now, haven't I?) Soon, my friends...