Friday, March 17

This is HUGE. Literally. Who knew the giant would eventually be bullied into being more responsible? Maybe our consciences can be cleared a bit when brave the world that is Wal-mart to save a few bucks.

Thursday, March 16

I guess I have to grow up now. Ugh.

Well guys, this is a little sad to see. I can't believe Boothbay isn't going to be my home anymore. I mean, like I've been saying, I still have my ocean-front cottage in Southport (wink, wink), so not all is lost...but after 26 years the home I've known will no longer be mine. I'm not sure what I'm more freaked out about, the fact my home will be gone, or the fact my parents will no longer be 4 1/2 hours away...they'll be 4 seconds away. Ouch.

Wednesday, March 8

Wednesday morning moments.

I believe I just had a moment with the coffee guy. I went in to buy a muffin and he smiled the genuine smile that you so rarely get from people. You know, the kind where they linger with eye contact and the smile isn't too big, but not too small...and you actually feel it, instead of just return it. Every time I looked up from my fumbling with change, his eyes were on mine, and I didn't want to look away. It was really nice. In a time where most people refuse to even make eye contact, moments like those really make your day. Even when you know it won't amount to anything beyond that exchange, it still makes you feel incredible to know you can connect in an instant with a complete stranger. Mmmm...what a nice start to my usually boring Wednesday.

On a complete opposite note: my childhood home went on the market today and I'm feeling suprisingly sad about it. I knew it wouldn't be easy to see my home that I grew up in be handed over to someone else, but it's hitting me that the place I could come home to now for the 9 years that I've been away won't be there for me anymore. It also means a huge change is coming my way, which is causing me quite a bit of anxiety and excitement. My parents will not only be leaving my home of 26 years, they will be moving to the house ACROSS. THE. STREET. FROM. ME. Yes, at 26, my parents will be living a mere 50 feet from me. They will be there to see when I don't come home, to see strange cars in the driveway when they wake, and well, to see every single thing I possibly do. Hence: a change for Courtney. Who knows, maybe I'll be moving across the street from you, or maybe even if you're lucky, into your house. Yes, this change I've been speaking of for 2 years now is actually happening this year. I know it is. I have no choice, really. I can't take much more of this before my head explodes and my body starts convulsing in complete restlessness. I feel it coming. And my instincts have yet to be wrong.