Friday, September 23

I'm not happy to see you, I just live my life consistently cold.

Sometimes I think I should be arrested for walking around like I do in my office. Seriously. I'm x-rated on a daily basis.

Gangstaknitta, can you knit me some nipple sweaters?


the ill na na said...

I know what you mean!!! I swear, my nipples are seriously offensive. I'd like some sweaters too! My word is rjnklwgr

GangstaKnitta said...

Mr. GangstaKnitta just asked what I was guffawing about. I think I have some flesh colored yarn...give me a couple of days...

I'm not even going to ask for your size.
My word was zbfbvza, which is the noise you make when trying to keep a really juicy sneeze in so as to not disrupt the teacher's lecture.

GangstaKnitta said...

I would also like to add that this very phenomenon was what led me to buying lined bras, which I've thought taboo since about 9th grade. Teaching is what did it. I'm not a playboy bunny by any stretch, but I had enough students hit on me to want to get one as a precautionary measure.
I think I'll have enough bebe alpaca yarn left over from my mini cardi to knit you AND Sami some nip warmers.