Tuesday, September 27

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Well, guys, I think my idea of celebrating my birthday for the entire month is finally coming to a close. And I must say, this year, I think I may have overdone myself and people might just be rolling their eyes at this point if they have to celebrate it one more time. And I must say, I don't blame them.

So even though today is offically the day, I'm having a hard time actually believing it myself. I thought maybe if I posted this picture, I might actually feel it. Fortunately for me, there is one person who has yet to celebrate it with me, and tonight he's taking me out in style. I'm pretty much the luckiest person alive, not just for the feast that will be laid before me tonight and the company that comes with it, but for everyone that I am blessed enough to have in my life. Especially those that travel thousands of miles just to spend a day or two with me. Sometimes I don't think I deserve it, but boy does it make me happy (and, a little misty eyed).

Thanks, guys, I couldn't have imagined a better birthday. You're the best.

Here's to 26!


dammit sami said...

Super Happy Birthday!

I can't believe you're just 26. I mean, so am I, but I've been so for 6 months! Which makes me 18 months too old to be on the Real World. Brr hrr hrr.

GangstaKnitta said...

Happy Birthday again!!

And here's to the b-day that never ends...