Thursday, February 17

Just bang on it.

A year ago water was poured by accident (surprisingly, not by me this time) directly into the back of my eMac. Although it still runs almost-perfectly, every day the screen changes in color from normal to deep purple, then slowly fades back to normal. Sometimes, it stays purple for quite a long period of time. Yesterday, after almost an hour of purpled documents, I decided I would do the most logical thing and start banging on my computer. Although I successfully whacked all available areas of the machine, it remained purple for quite some time longer.

Wouldn't it be great if banging on things were the answer to every dilemma?

Computer turns purple. BANG. fixed.
Car won't start. BANG. runs.
Guy sucks in bed. BANG. he's the best you've ever had.
You gain weight. BANG. you're skinny.
President is blind. BANG. He finally wakes up, can see clearly and the war ends.

The world would be such a better place if this were the case. Can someone of a higher power work on getting this going? I think we would all have a lot less aggression as well, because we'd be getting it all out with all the banging going on.

BANG. I think I just solved all of the world's crises.

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Anonymous said...

Call me crazy but I'm kind of hot with all this banging talk going on.