Wednesday, February 23

I'm easy.

I think it's pretty well known among my friends that I am very easily amused. I can laugh at anything. My friend T and I will be surrounded by people, one of us makes a joke, and most likely, we are the only two laughing (they don't know what funny is, T, we are fucking hilarious!). I brought this up recently to a friend, and was put to a test. Let me know what happens to you (you need sound, so turn it up!):

I didn't even make it to the part where it says: "Stare at the picture without laughing" before I started cracking up.

Personally, I would much rather be easily amused at life. I mean, how horrible would it be to never be able to laugh? T and I will never have that problem. Well, as long as we keep telling each other the jokes. It's not so funny when no one laughs and we're not there to back one another up.

I've got your back, T. Don't you worry!

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Anonymous said...

awww...thats my fn princess!!

* t