Monday, February 14

In case you ever feel the need to feed mice.

A list of what the mice like to eat while dining at Le Cabinet Undecided:

1. the box the saran wrap is in
2. Crunchies by Cadbury, from my best friend in Canada
3. brownies
4. sundried tomato pasta powder mix
5. Hershey's chocolate with Almonds
6. Hershey's chocolate without Almonds
7. lasagna noodles
8. Golden raisins in a box (as opposed to "Plumper, Moister (normal) Raisins" in a bag)
9. Grits
10. tissue paper
11. my ceiling
12. sunflower seeds (which, the birds are now starving as a result)
13. Decon (but apparently, not enough)
14. scraps in my trash can
15. english muffins (whole wheat!)

Things they have yet to find, but I am sure are munching on right now:

1. Nori sheets (apparently, they aren't mice from Japan)
2. Bread mix (and they're on a low-carb diet)
3. Low-carb pasta (ok, even the mice won't eat tastes like cardboard, people!)
4. that dessert mix that's been sitting there, waiting patiently to be made and devoured in one sitting.
5. oatmeal (they must already get enough fiber from all that ceiling they ate earlier)
6. jelly beans (they were Jelly Belly, too!)

Conclusion: Mice are closet junk-food addicts and try to cover it up with healthy, fiber-filled foods, just like the rest of us.

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