Thursday, January 20

So very classy am I.

For the last, oh, 20 minutes, I've been slowly munching on a bag of Soy Crisps at my desk. I'm getting down to the end of the bag where I have to stick my whole hand down to the bottom and actually look in to make sure I got every last bit of salty-goodness from the silver crinkly bag. While looking down into the bag, I happen to look at my black shirt and I noticed that in my devouring of said bag, I had managed to cover myself entirely with crumbs. Also in the 15 minutes it took me to eat the Soy Crisps, I spoke with 2 med students, 4 respected Deans and my supervisor.

I am SO HOT.

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GangstaKnitta said...

During my very first job interview, I had a rip in my pants that spanned from my crotch to my upper butt cheek. I was walking in and out of the room showing them my research project. I didn't realize this until after they left. Thank god I wore underwear that day.