Wednesday, January 26

A post of nothing but what my last week has consisted of. And that's not much.

I keep telling myself to post an entry. It seems my last week was a bit of a whirlwind...of white snow. Part of the reason why I haven't written is a rather silly one. See, I'm dying for a computer of my own at home. When I think about sitting here at my desk, at work, writing in my blog, the appeal is not there as much as it is when I think about sitting on my couch with wine in my hand, laptop on my lap and fire roaring. That is appealing. Alas, I sit here at my desk at work writing. The laptop didn't appear...luckily, however, the wine and fire did. Small steps.

Last week I got into a car accident. I was rearended by someone who was hit from behind. Fortunately, I am ok despite some awful back and neck pain, and my car has minimal damage. The man who hit us was left with a totalled car. This was really my first accident I've been in while driving and not having been the one who rearended. Even better, this time there wasn't even anyone in front of me because I was just minding my own business, DRIVING ON THE HIGHWAY. It just goes to prove how idiotic this state's roads are, as well as their drivers. This is a part of the highway that I travel everyday where two highways merge and you have to go all the way from the right lane (if you stay straight, you exit in about 10 feet) to the left lane, to then merge with traffic coming from yet a third highway merging from the left. I know I can't explain it well, but I do not understand the minds of the engineers who came up with this. Anyway, that was how my week last week started. I could barely move for days, even now, a week later, I'm still in pain and my bumper is about to fall off.

This past weekend we were hit with "The Worst Snowstorm Since the Blizzard of '78." And we were reminded of this about every 10 seconds if you had the tv on at any point during the 36-hour storm. I was in my house from Saturday around 4 until Tuesday morning at 7:45. That's a very long time to be couped up. Luckily, there were two football games on Sunday to amuse me, including the AFC Championship where the Patriots got their chance to head to the Super Bowl again. Also, in my stir-crazied-ness, I allowed myself to think way too much about my new "relationship" with K. In my thinking, I not only kind of freaked out and had convinced myself that there was no way he still wanted to be with me, I realized I obsess WAY TOO MUCH. STOP OBSESSING ALREADY! you hear me? STOP! I don't know what my deal is, really. I wish I could explain it, but I'd probably sound all obssessive and stuff.

Or boring. I realize this post was a complete rant of nothingness. If I had been sipping on wine right now, sitting by my fire, comfy on my would've been worthy of a Pulitzer prize.

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planeangel said...

pulitzer prize or not...its good to see a blog on your page. I was beginning to think you had sworn off writing in favor of some other internet oddysey! Thank the Heavens.