Wednesday, December 22


Earlier today I addressed the whispering. Two of my co-workers were standing at the end of my desk, about 2 feet away, whispering. I was already annoyed because I had just driven 40 minutes into work right along with the jackass drivers of this state, so I said, "If you guys don't want me to hear what you're saying, then go somewhere else." They stared back at me blankly. I think they were shocked I actually said something, since I usually sit here quietly, hiding my festering annoyance and hatred. Then they replied with, "Oh, we don't mind." And continued talking...only louder this time so I can hear. But since I did actually hear their whispering conversation that took place not moments before, I know they had conveniently changed the subject.


the ill na na said...

I HATE it when you're not at work!! Please come back soon. I can't take it anymore, I'm so lonely here all day without your e-mails to entertain me!!

dammit sami said...

When are you coming back?
I hope you had fun with that Siberian Tiger.
She's a naughty one.
Happy New Year!