Tuesday, December 21

The truth behind gifts you make for loved ones.

Yesterday I woke up to a white world, Internet. Over the night the predicted snow fall had actually proven true. Go figure! The weathermen were actually right this time. I guess they're off the hook for the rest of the winter, then.

It's wonderful to wake up and for a split second you feel like you're a kid. You get excited about the day that will be spent in your pj's or outside making snow angels. You hurry to turn on the radio to hear your school called and can't wait to get back into bed. For some reason, the bed never feels as good as it does when you have a snow day. But then you put on the coffee and somewhere between the mug and the sugar you realize you're an adult. DOH! And you have to go to work. DOH! There are no snow days in adulthood. ARRRRRRRGH! Sigh. Then instead of being cozy in my bed blanketed by snow, I'm being bombarded with dirty snow backwash that I can't wipe away because the wipers don't even seem to be touching the windshield, despite numerous cleanings. And the drivers...oh Internet...I cannot for the life of me begin to desribe to you the utter stupidity of the drivers in Rhode Island. I have driven all across this country and never encountered drivers as badly as here. And that's on dry roads. I'm convinced that Rhode Island is trying to control the population of the state by not taking care of it's roads properly. Bad drivers and bad roads do not make for a good combination. Nope, not at all.

This weekend I went home to Maine (where people actually know how to drive) for Christmas with the extended family. We all went to my cousin's new house in the woods and got lost on the way out there. That did not start out the evening well with the folks. I would've rather walked down the road risking getting run over by a deer to look for the house on my own than be in that car. Yes, a deer. Ironically, I felt like the adult in the car trying to control the two children in the back that were fighting. We made it, though. And the first thing I did was hit the liquor cabinet. After that was completed, the night got quite a bit more interesting. The best part of the whole night came when it was time to open my gifts from my grandmother. Now, my grandmother is still quite with it. I'm actually of the belief that she will never pass away, she'll out live us all she's so seemingly young. So I was a little shocked when I opened my presents from her. I was delighted I had a bag of presents at my disposal. I get to the very last present and I start opening it, thinking what I'm uncovering looks rather familiar. In fact, so familiar that I quickly put it away so not to have to fake the, "Oh! Thank you so much!" that we are all guilty of. She had regifted. And not just regifted a gift that was given to her by someone else. Nope. She had regifted a gift that I had MADE FOR HER 2 years ago. I had even written on the paper and drawn some designs on it. I thought maybe it was a joke. I mean, she is quite the subtle comedian. But sadly, no, it was serious. She must have found it in a drawer and never used it and thought I would like it. I mean, afterall...I HADE MADE IT. It doesn't get any better than that. I found it hilarious. Although, a little sad I'll admit.

Now I'm thinking I can totally regift the gift that has been regifted to me. I'll re-re-gift. I wonder if I can get away with giving it to my Grandmother...

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dammit sami said...

Dood, give it to your grandma. YOU HAVE TO DO IT!

I hereby solemnly do swear that I will buy all your drinks for a whole night the next time you're in town, if you promise to re-re-gift your handmade lovely back to your grandmother. That rules.