Monday, December 6

A little warning next time, please.

I went out on Saturday unknowingly straight into Coupledom. Coupledom, for all of you that are already residents there, is the world that exists when more than one couple gets together and invites their lonely single friend to join for the evening (and not for sexually good times). It's bad when you're aware of it going in, knowing you'll be the only single one of the group...but it's so much worse when it's not expected, then you're faced with it head on. One couple whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears, the other couple finishing one another's sentences. It's an awful feeling. And it's not even about feeling sorry for yourself that you're not with someone; it's out of complete annoyance that makes it unbearable. Had I known it was going to be an evening of witnessing first-hand other's relationships, I would have stayed home with my newfound boyfriend, Jack Daniels, and partied with my little buddies the mice. When you're single and not pleased with that state, you're reminded every day that you're alone. We don't need to hang out with couples to be reminded of it. We don’t need to watch as you put your hand on her hip and speak to her from behind so only she can hear, or sit in silence as you both speak to one another in each of your cute little two-somes. We’d much rather be home with our dog and whiskey. Save us the annoyance of looking forward to a Saturday night out, only to be crushed by the weight of our own Singledom. Sometimes, it’s a happier place. I swear. No, really.

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