Tuesday, April 26

Sunday, a day of love for yours truly. Or not.

Okay, so this is what happened. After approximately 15 minutes at the windy, cold beach, he offered me a choice. "Do you want to stick around a while longer, or head back?" I said I could do either, and asked his preference. He said he'd like to go back, as he had some stuff he could get done. Hmm..where was this stuff when I invited him to come with me? After the weird silence moments before, I figured the stuff must have miraculously appeared. On the way home, he seemed to be overly annoyed with Took's pacing, which in turn annoyed me. Before we made it to the house, I recognized the signs immediately. Hell, I've perfected the actions. The cd came out of the player blocks before the house, he held his camera and jacket in one hand, and the other hand was grabbing the bag. If he had had another free, he would've had it on the door handle, ready to jump out before I had even stopped. He said goodbye with no eye contact as he had one foot out the door.

So my only conclusions are these: he must have either (a) really had to go to the bathroom after he ate his sandwich, (b) remembered he left the coffee maker on, (c) this "stuff" he spoke about included solving the AIDS crisis and ridding the world of hatred and crime and he came up with the solution at the beach, or (d) he was intimidated by my beauty and could no longer handle being in the presence of such perfection.

I'll leave it up to you, reader, to decide which one the correct answer is...but I'm banking on (d).

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Anonymous said...

boys suck ass anyway. f him. he was only 23 and still in diapers anyway. i told you to get rid of him.

* t