Thursday, June 2

I'm trying.

Ok..I've recovered from my day of negativity yesterday, and am back on track. Mainly, and I'll give due credit here, all because of S and T for kicking me back into shape. And, I spoke to him yesterday, so my fears of him choosing not to come were squashed. It does bug me that I am constantly going back and forth. Although, perhaps I do need to give myself credit for eventually coming around, even if I go right back within a few least I'm there for a little while. That's progress, right?

Presently, I am positive. Things will happen for me. They have to, based on probability alone.

Besides, It would be a shame that a good catch like me wouldn't be snatched up eventually. And if I'm not, there's always toes to paint, and that's what matters most in life. (wink, wink!)


the ill na na said...

Sorry you're not feeling tip top! But at least you got the final rose! I'm sick with the stomach flu today, but I wanna chat about everything ASAP!! I hope you're feeling better! I love you!

Undecided said...

ah...ill na na (and other two readers)...i have MUCH to fill you in on...MUCH! (and do you!)

hope you feel better! love you, too!

Mon said...

Hello! Just wanted to drop a comment, things will happen when you least expect them to. Thats what everyone says at least! Its been my experience that once you accept your life being alone, then you meet a guy to screw up your, to spend your life with! lol!