Thursday, June 16

For S

Last night, while still stuffing envelopes, a rerun of the MTV movie awards was entertaining me. Until this happened. Then I needed to be alone for a little while, if you know what I mean.

This, of course, sparked a debate with my girl S about whether or not that could be real. Meaning, is there really that much passion between two people to actually not be able to contain yourself when you're around one another, forcing you to run, jump into his arms, and kiss like it's the only thing saving you from a tragic death. We say yes. There has to be. But there are so many people out there that do not believe it exists, that it's only in scripts written to feed to hopeless romantics...leaving us just that, hopeless.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I am obsessed with Ryan Gosling and want someone to kiss me like that!
The infamous S

dammit sami said...

I think it's the most unfair thing in the entire world that I will never leap into Nikki Sixx's arms and make out with him as if it were saving me from a tragic death.
Of course, the fact that I won't is probably saving me from a tragic case of herpes. But still.
That is to say, I definitely believe in that kind of passion. xo.

Mon said...

That kind of passion DOES exist. (I too was sickend by said kiss on the awards) Damn actors! Unfortunatly it always seems to exist with the wrong people! That is my experience. And if you wanna be technical, in The notebook Noah, was not that great for her. They fought, and drove each other nuts, but they had that passion that held them together. I'm not settling for any less! Once you have it, you cant go back