Friday, December 15

When I claim sickness simply to have a day off, the next day that I go in, I'm told I don't look good. When I went to see my therapist after 2 weeks had passed and all these great things had happened, she tells me I look so happy. This was two days after the claimed sickness.

So which is it? Am I transparent, or do people just see what they want to see? And am I really happy, or just really good at faking it?


dammit sami said...

I think unless they really try to look harder (and it's not just an issue of caring, but also of knowing, and of not being afraid to impose), people see what you tell them to see. This is the inherent danger of faking it. Haven't we all pretended to be happy at some point, and wondered what the hell is wrong with people that they can't see the truth?

I bet you look happy. You seem happier. it's what I would want to see.

Undecided said...

i want to be happier. more than i ever have. and you're right...we have all pretended, and i'm tired of pretended.


by the way, you're keeping us hanging -- did you eat all the pickles?

and have you booked your ticket yet to come out to see me? you gals should all come. that would be one hell of a girls night.