Friday, February 17

Hell yeah.

Well, folks, it's Friday. I don't think I've been this happy to see Friday come along in months. I think it's the first Friday I haven't had to work in months, and damn that feels good. I think it feels exceptionally great because this whole week I spent dreading Friday because I had to work, until someone requested to switch with me. It feels so good that I'm spending the entire night with no one but my dog and some martinis. Which, is ironic...when I'm at work on a Friday or Saturday night, all I can think about is what I would give to be going out like the people I'm waiting on are doing. Then I get the chance, and all I want to do is be home with my dog. I think it's the fact that my work involves basically going out (I just happen to get paid for it and it involves going out with 200 drunk half-naked strangers). I don't even have the familiar feeling that I'm missing out on something, that I should be out doing something fun and exciting. I love that feeling (or, non-feeling). That's the thing about me, sometimes I think I'm happier just being with me.*


*Give me a few minutes, that statement will most likely be retracted. After all, I am human, and damn if I don't like me some human touch.

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dammit sami said...

I'd like to touch you. I'm just sayin'.

While alone time can barely be overrated in my opinion, I wish you would come to Atlanta, where your Friday nights will be filled with TARANTULAS!

Also I am very happy that you're writing again. Yay.