Tuesday, November 30

Rules and regulations

This past weekend I met a very sexy couple at my friend B’s house. The couple, so obviously in love with one another, instantly intrigued me. At the same time, I felt a strange attraction to the man…a mutual attraction. I thought it must have just been my imagination since his girlfriend was sitting right there, in the same room, at the same table. So surely it was my lack of attention lately and desire to have a connection with someone taking over my senses. We headed out to a club and continued our conversations and I was still feeling this from him...surely I wasn't making it up. But the night continued with nothing but innocent conversation and then we parted ways.

The next day B and I were walking to pick up Thai food and I mentioned how much I liked his friends. I continued to comment on how beautiful the girlfriend was and how sexy I thought he was. B then tells me that they're into orgies, actual, live, REAL orgies, and it all made sense, maybe I wasn't imagining the attraction. Since I have never met people like this that I was aware of, I inquired further about these orgies that they participated in and it turns out they have rules. Apparently, the couple can only have sex with one another, no one else. Fine. That seems obvious. But there’s more. The two that were joining them in the orgy can only perform oral sex to them, not to one another and will not receive it either. So basically, it’s all about them and only them. My question is, what’s in it for the joining couple? They have to do all the work and not get any kind of reward. That just doesn’t seem right. But who am I to talk. I can't even get sex with just one person, let alone a whole other couple. They're having so much sex, they can actually make RULES. My only rule is to wait until a commercial comes on to make another trip to the refridgerator.

And I wonder why I'm not having sex.


J. said...

Did you see the Oprah show on this topic? It was really interesting. Here's a link to her website about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your site off comments you posted to Jon's blurbomat site. You mentioned you like comments, so tada, here I am.

apparently "very sexy couple" knows they are very sexy and believe that the real reward for the joining couple is to be able to hang out with them. haha. As if. I think that would be a total turnoff. But that's me. :)